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The Hardangerford viewpoint.

The Hardangerfjorden is known as the queen of the fjords; to be fair, it is actually a title that suits perfectly. Hardanger is the second longest fjord in Norway, penetrating 180km inland. On top of the peninsula that you can see in between the two main branches of fjord in the video, hangs Folgefonna, the third larger glacier in continental Europe at 1600m over sea level. At the end of the fjord there is an abrupt vertical transition to the highest and widest mountain plateaux in Europe: Hardangervidda, crowned by the Hardangerjøkulen glacier.

However, the title of queen of the fjords, it is most likely given by the contrast with the raw and majestic landscape combined with its gentle giant character. Been the widest fjord in Norway, extremely big volumes of water coming from the gulf stream gets pumped inland creating a benign microclimate that spreads cherry blossoms and apple trees over the fjord sides.

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