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with Carlos Abraldes


 Carlos Abraldes

Most of the times in your daily life as an outdoor man, due to work, family and other commitments, you will actually feel like on the belay. All geared up, aware, waiting and wanting to climb, but actually not doing it!  

This blog will be the place for all those frustrated moments on the belay. We will not be out there climbing, but at least we will be having something to read and scroll.

Keep tuned!

Director Comercial

Escalada y Alpinismo. EpicTV.

Product tester

MARKETING & Social media

Guia montaña

Wild Voss

What happened to on the belay since 2019?

In 2019 i moved definitely to Norway. I became a certified mountain guide and I started to work full time for Wild Voss

Learning norwegian, increasing my skills to become a guide and making a home in Norway was already a job in itself. Then I became a co-owner in Wild Voss, started a family and got involved in the development of a climbing gym. With all this together I have struggled to find time to write new posts.

If you are interested in following the day to day of a guide company in Norway, or learning further about the outdoor oportunities here, in WIld Voss we put some work to create content both for social media, and our internal blog. (Check both our Norwegian page, you will find more detailed articles) If you are considering taking a trip here for climbing, ski touring, or exploring this vast glaciers, do not hesitate on writing to me!

See you on the belay!

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