A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.

The fall on the Cantabric coast of Spain offers one of the most beautiful and sustained surfing atmospheres you can get. Constant swells combed by offshore winds, crispy mornings with a midday warm ambiance brought by the south winds and some occasional disruptions of powerful northwest storms bringing a full winter ambiance for some days. Read more about A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.[…]

Surfing the arctic: Lofoten.

In a few weeks I’ll be back in the arctic. This time for skiing. It almost feels rutinary to be back in the arctic: I’ve been doing it now for quite a few years in many different kind of trips. However it has always felt like home: its landscapes, its seas, its winds, its folks, its lights, its mountains…As I tend to say: “you will most likely meet me on stormy weathers where mountains meet the ocean”. […]