Mountain Hardwear Multi-pitch 16. The minimalist wall backpack redesigned.

Last season I did a cooperation with Mountain Hardwear for testing their Hueco 20 wall backpack. In fact we did not only go through the backpack but as well through the main criterias and tricks that you should consider when choosing a backpack for those long days on the wall. Multi pitch rock climbing backpack: Read more about Mountain Hardwear Multi-pitch 16. The minimalist wall backpack redesigned.[…]

Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS: redesigning the concept of feathered insulated jacket.

If you have been following my adventures through the summer, you have probably seen me constantly with the new Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS jacket. When I saw it for the first time this ISPO, it’s concept, fit and technology made an impact on me. It is incredibly eye catchy with it’s discontinuous panel welded technology. Read more about Mountain Hardwear StretchDown DS: redesigning the concept of feathered insulated jacket.[…]

Becoming a better climber II. Trad climbing: the good, the ugly and the grade.

There are big stereotypes in our sport regarding what it is to be a good climber and especially how to become one. I feel sorry every time I see young climbers in the gym tearing their tendons apart day after day on dynamic bouldery moves on crimps while talking about how sick it would be to one day do a multipitch route. […]

Becoming a better climber. Training for becoming a trad climber?

Lately you’ve been writing me quite a lot about trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing, especially around how to get started, what is the base level that we should have, how to specifically train to feel confident in your leads…On the way that you write me, somehow I can sense that several of you presupone that you need an important baggage from the gym and under a certain training regime before you can even get to the base of a real mountain. […]

Cueto Agero, South spur (300m; 6A+). Adventure climbing in la Hermida.

There had been now quite some time since I had in mind to do a powerful activity in one of the oceans of limestone of the Picos de Europa. I had a few routes in mind in the Naranjo, although it’s quite a complicated mountain. According to the schemes, it looks like one way or another you should probably top out, however, you hear quite often those stories about really strong rope parties having to turn back poorly after quite some drama. Ok, having some desperate fighting is always in the equation; there are not that many people that can afford to top such monsters on comfort, however, been able to choose, I rather take a bit less spicy for the beginning of the season.


Discovering Ranero: Adventure climbing in Bizkaia.

Ranero is one of those places that you just don’t go climbing, but to do tough alpinism on rock shoes, at least that’s what I had heard of this place. My friend Carlos and I we were seeking to disconnect from all this skiing and do the first multipitch of the season, he proposed a route called In Decrescendo in Ranero. […]

ISPO 2018 the good, the bad and the ugly.

And once again, Onthebelay attended the ISPO ready to rock! ISPO is the biggest european outdoor industry gathering and a great chance to see where the industry is heading, check the new products and get to meet small manufacturers that are doing interesting things but that we don’t hear that often about them. Well, and beer, Munich is always a great excuse to get one too many beers. […]

Choosing your rock climbing pants: MH Hardwear AP Pant

There are several climbers that only climb in summer. Completely legit, there is nothing wrong about it and even better, everything works: no t-shirt, climbing in swim trunks, cut-off jeans, sweat pants….

However, if you keep the hook on as to consider crushing big routes on those fresh wintery days, or perhaps you just want to rock that Joshua tree look on your climbing gym, then it’s about time to consider purchasing some proper climbing pant.


Insulating layering strategies featured by Helly Hansen: Part 2

A few weeks ago when colder temperatures came, we went through different base layer strategies to consider for the activity.  Insulating layering strategies featured by Helly Hansen: Part 1 Baselayers. However, now it’s just not fresher, but goddam cold and it’s time to dive deeper in insulating layers. Just as on the last article, we Read more about Insulating layering strategies featured by Helly Hansen: Part 2[…]