Becoming a better climber II. Trad climbing: the good, the ugly and the grade.

There are big stereotypes in our sport regarding what it is to be a good climber and especially how to become one. I feel sorry every time I see young climbers in the gym tearing their tendons apart day after day on dynamic bouldery moves on crimps while talking about how sick it would be to one day do a multipitch route. […]

Becoming a better climber. Training for becoming a trad climber?

Lately you’ve been writing me quite a lot about trad climbing and multi-pitch climbing, especially around how to get started, what is the base level that we should have, how to specifically train to feel confident in your leads…On the way that you write me, somehow I can sense that several of you presupone that you need an important baggage from the gym and under a certain training regime before you can even get to the base of a real mountain. […]

Complex avalanche rescue situations with Manuel Genswein and Lauegi.

This week we’ve had a luxury visit in the Val d’Aran. Baqueira-Beret together with Lauegi, the center for avalanche forecasting on the Val d’Aran have organised an advanced rescue seminar with Manuel Genswein, an eminence in the field and representative of . The mission of Mountain Safety is to gather information and defining protocols under a scientific approach for optimizing avalanche situations.


About avalanches and Mountain safety. Practical cases through video and images on a big day of pow.

Today I’ll be writing about avalanches and mountain safety. I’ve already gone through this topic in different posts and the truth is that there is great literature on the topic out there. Actually, last spring I wrote a pretty detailed article with Lauegi, the avalanche patrol of the Val d’Aran and one of the most reputed in Europe. However, this week I am going to do it on a different tone, way more practical and graphic.