Sogndal: where freeride meets ski alpinism in Norway.

The Sogndal ski guide.
Since around seven years Lyngen, and specially Lofoten have become the big protagonists when it comes to skiing in Norway. To be true, they have some heavyweight reasons on their sight with that combination of arctic landscapes, spiky mountains, old days sailor culture and fjords on the same frame. However, if we come back a bit further in time, the big name was Sogndal. As a matter of facts, Sogndal is and has always been the headquarters of modern skiing in Norway where freeride and ski alpinism melt together.

The Hardangerford viewpoint.

The Hardangerfjorden is known as the queen of the fjords; to be fair, it is actually a title that suits perfectly. Hardanger is the second longest fjord in Norway, penetrating 180km inland. On top of the peninsula that you can see in between the two main branches of fjord in the video, hangs Folgefonna, the Read more about The Hardangerford viewpoint.[…]

A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.

The fall on the Cantabric coast of Spain offers one of the most beautiful and sustained surfing atmospheres you can get. Constant swells combed by offshore winds, crispy mornings with a midday warm ambiance brought by the south winds and some occasional disruptions of powerful northwest storms bringing a full winter ambiance for some days. Read more about A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.[…]

Cueto Agero, South spur (300m; 6A+). Adventure climbing in la Hermida.

There had been now quite some time since I had in mind to do a powerful activity in one of the oceans of limestone of the Picos de Europa. I had a few routes in mind in the Naranjo, although it’s quite a complicated mountain. According to the schemes, it looks like one way or another you should probably top out, however, you hear quite often those stories about really strong rope parties having to turn back poorly after quite some drama. Ok, having some desperate fighting is always in the equation; there are not that many people that can afford to top such monsters on comfort, however, been able to choose, I rather take a bit less spicy for the beginning of the season.


Discovering Ranero: Adventure climbing in Bizkaia.

Ranero is one of those places that you just don’t go climbing, but to do tough alpinism on rock shoes, at least that’s what I had heard of this place. My friend Carlos and I we were seeking to disconnect from all this skiing and do the first multipitch of the season, he proposed a route called In Decrescendo in Ranero. […]

Two days exploring the Tena Valley.

Over the last weeks I’ve been completely overfed with great freeride sessions. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t really complain; I love the feeling of ungravity while drifting in powder, but the mountains in winter offer other amazing experiences that I was starting to miss, especially climbing on Ice and ski touring on the big mountains. However, the Val d’Aran decided to throw us again a meter of snow in two days and a half rising the avalanche risk to 4. Of course. I called my friend Carlos, who lives in Sabiñanigo and knows pretty well the mountains of the Tena valley. […]

About climbing a big corridor and dropping to a North face in the storm. (WITH VIDEO)

There is a mountain that we were seeking to tick off the list this season. The problem; it’s gigantic, quite alpine and faddy. Even though I’ve climbed a few times, it’s not all that easy to have everything on your side. We’ve been waiting since november to have stable enough conditions and saturday was that day.


First expedition of the season. Exploring Marimanha.

Last weekend we warmed up the season skinning up some of the peaks of the Baqueira-Beret ski resort. This year again, we confirmed the theory that it doesn’t matter how fit you are, getting the gears rolling is always a sufferfest. Well, now we just couldn’t use any excuse for not doing the first proper expedition of the season. Moreover, with this never ending anticyclone, it’s better to not delay the homeworks.

You better profit snow while it’s there!