Sogndal: where freeride meets ski alpinism in Norway.

The Sogndal ski guide.
Since around seven years Lyngen, and specially Lofoten have become the big protagonists when it comes to skiing in Norway. To be true, they have some heavyweight reasons on their sight with that combination of arctic landscapes, spiky mountains, old days sailor culture and fjords on the same frame. However, if we come back a bit further in time, the big name was Sogndal. As a matter of facts, Sogndal is and has always been the headquarters of modern skiing in Norway where freeride and ski alpinism melt together.

A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.

The fall on the Cantabric coast of Spain offers one of the most beautiful and sustained surfing atmospheres you can get. Constant swells combed by offshore winds, crispy mornings with a midday warm ambiance brought by the south winds and some occasional disruptions of powerful northwest storms bringing a full winter ambiance for some days. Read more about A surfing guide to discover the Cantabric Coast.[…]

The Tafjord Haute Route: exploration ski where eastern Norway meets the west.

After the longest and snowiest winter I could remember in addition to the great arctic ski trip,  I was almost excited for hanging my skis until next year and rack all my trad gear for heading to the Norwegian Fjords and it’s oceans of granite. I guess I hadn’t figured out that not even on my second day here, Jens-Petter was already proposing me a last great expedition for ending the season properly. Well, I’m a simple man, so actually it didn’t took long before I was in. […]

Arctic days on the Planks EP4. Tamokdalen, Ice climbing, skiing with huskies and discovering Lyngen.

We were excited to drive to Nordkjosbotn and meet Aniek for our next adventure. However, as we made it quite early over there, we decided to go smash some Ice to fill the day as we found a few walls that seemed pretty much like sport climbing crags. Pedro fixed the rope and then we went for a few lines. […]

Arctic days on the Planks EP3: Senja: about beauty and learning through pain.

We finally picked up Pedro in the Airport of Tromsø and decided to book a lovely cabin for the night. Amongst other things, so we wouldn’t scare him with the mess inside of the van and so we could profit to clean and dry everything properly before arranging the space and gear of our three in a functional way for the trip. Senja felt a little far as to drive there straight, so we decided to check Tamokdalen on the way there. […]

Arctic days on the Planks EP2: About Hamperokken and the Alpha girls.

During the weekend we met a young Dutch mountaineer, she was enthusiastic and kind enough to invite us ski with her. Text message was something like “11.00 a.m. base of Hamperokken, take crampons, two ice axes and a rope.” We checked some topos of Hamperokken and oh god, what a mountain that sweet little Aniek had on the menu for us….


Artic days on the Planks EP1: about winter in Tromsø and learning to fly.

Friday sixth of April, ten o’clock in the night, we finally land in Tromsø. It’s my third trip to the region and I’ve already spent around six weeks up here; however, it has always been in summer or the fall. This time we brought the skis, the alpinism gear, ice climbing gear, and all the rock stuff. We’ve rented a van for two weeks and we feel ready. […]

Surfing the arctic: Lofoten.

In a few weeks I’ll be back in the arctic. This time for skiing. It almost feels rutinary to be back in the arctic: I’ve been doing it now for quite a few years in many different kind of trips. However it has always felt like home: its landscapes, its seas, its winds, its folks, its lights, its mountains…As I tend to say: “you will most likely meet me on stormy weathers where mountains meet the ocean”. […]