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Because we do not need to go to Chamonix for doing alpinism, we can find pillows outside of Japan and there is good crack climbing way closer than in Utah.

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Guides and tips for trips with a strong adventure taste. You will get on the mud. That’s the whole point, actually, but at least do it with some folk knowledge beforehand.

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Getting to meet the real badass outdoor men, the ones that keep us safe, the ones that know all the secrets about our environment and the ones that have most fun.

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Welcome to On the belay

With Carlos Abraldes
Before roping up with me;

I have worked as the head of purchases of climbing and alpinism for EpicTV in Chamonix and I’ve had the opportunity to work hand by hand with the leading manufacturers in the industry. I have worked two years in Norway as an outdoor guide and i’ve spent quite some time in South America and Iceland. Elsewhere i’m generally around Northern Spain, where i am from, on the classic weekend warrior slash wanna be dirt bag life plan. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a pretty average outdoor man, so probably most of the things I will write about will be useful for the average guy that just wants to spend more time outside and progress.

  • Climbing and Alpinism. EpicTV. 2015-2016

  • Outdoor Guide

Most of the times in your daily life as an outdoor man, due to work, family and other commitments you will actually feel like on the belay; all geared up, wanting and waiting to climb but actually not doing it! This will be the place for those moments on the belay. We won’t be out there climbing, but we will have a place to feel in our environment.
Carlos Abraldes
Outdoor bum


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